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Scleroderma Educational Needs Assessment

Help Us Demystify scleroderma!

Students at McMaster have developed 9 short videos to educate people about scleroderma. These videos will be available to the public soon, but first they need your help!


Step 1

Go to the Demystifying Medicine webpage

Step 2

Watch ANY video!

… videos are only 3 to 6 minutes long!

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to ANSWER 10 SIMPLE QUESTIONS related to that video!


THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK! Your comments will be used to improve videos & to select new topics to demystify!

Please contact

  • With further questions
  • If you would like to be involved in creating new videos
  • If you would like to provide ongoing feedback

Just a reminder, you can always communicate with the Hamilton Scleroderma Group. Just click on the contact option at the top of the page to send a message.